We want to be your "go to" place for 100% natural cosmetics and are happy that you are interested in our products. It's our goal to offer the most high quality products, for fairest price possible, give you an more "holistic" idea of beauty and ultimatly satisfy all of our customers.


For all of our products, we demand a high quality standard and we regularly check our components within a laboratory.


We make sure that our suppliers work sustainable, environmentally friendly and consider a most high quality production.


We care about our environment and make sure that your supply-chain is as short and co2-neutral as possible.

No additives

Our products do not contain any harmful additives such as parabens, silicones, aluminum or the like.

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Naturally Beautiful

what is natural beauty?

…aturally beautiful is someone with clean skin, a healthy body, attractive facial features, a positive charisma and an upright posture.

For someone who can have the above mentiond features, without artificial help, like make-up, fingernails and the like, is truely naturally beautiful.